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Programing Date


In this event you can show your programming skill in C. Programming Date looks for the Real Star Team that stands up to the ability of ACCURACY, SPEED, CO-OPERATION & LOGIC. Come take part in the battle of the geeks who look for the fame of the Programming Date team by showcasing in-human programming skills in 3 different rounds and the fame of the event "The Logic Busters!”.


Round I:

1. Single participant.

2. Time limit is 45 minutes.

3. 6 programs of different weightage of marks will be given.

4. Maximum marks is 50.

5. Assume that all library files have been included.

6. Participate should predict score.

7. Result will be decided on the basis of accuracy and skill.

8. Top 30 students i.e. Top 15 Male & Top 15 Female will be selected.

Round II:

1. A team of two participants will be formed randomly.

2. Maximum marks is 50.

3. Time limit is 60 minutes.

4. One team member will generate algorithm and other one will do program.

5. It is up to participants who will do what.

6. First 10 teams will be eligible for round III.

Round III:

1. Complete Technical Round (in form of a team).

2. Time limit is 75 minutes.

3. Detailed Description regarding round will be declared on event day.

Note: Judge Decision will be final.

Price money of the winner will be divided equally among the 2 members of a winning team.

Faculty Coordinator

Mr. H. J. Shah

+91 90337 07334

Student Coordinators

Patel Deep

+91 99744 33253

Mahant Himanshu

+91 99099 96776


Paper Presentation

General Rules

1. Your work should be original and the papers should be in standard IEEE format.

2. The competition is open to all students (UG students).

3. This event can be participated by single author or as a team.

4. A team / person can submit only one paper. Submission of more than one paper may lead to disqualification.

5. Deviation from the given formats and rules may also lead to disqualification.

6. The contestants are required to send only a soft copy of their entry along with an abstract.

7. You are required to provide a PDF (Portable Document Format) file of your final written paper.

8. Do not password protect or add bookmarks to your PDF file.

9. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any paper that does not fit an appropriate category.

10. Please bring three hardcopies of your complete paper during presentation (i.e. printed report).One copy will be provided to you after completion of the event.

11. The selection committee will select the paper for presentation and judge’s decision will be final for the award of prize.

12. The following details should be sent along with the paper: Name of the participant, College, department and year of study, Contact details-Mobile no. and e-mail id.

13. The wearing of Identity card of respective college is compulsory during the event.

Page Limits

For all the papers, the maximum limit is 7 pages including title pages illustrations, figures, tables and bibliographies and references.


Each team/entrant must formally present his or her paper at the day of the event. Presentations must be no longer than 8 minutes.

A 2-minute question-and-answer period will follow the presentation of the paper. Questions may be posed by judges and/or students attending the presentation.

Presentations may be accompanied by visual aids.

The submission of Power point slides and hard copies of paper before two hours of event is required.

Faculty Coordinator

Mr. D. J. Rana

+91 99783 24427

Student Coordinators

Desai Hemraj

+91 72290 01446

Shah Riya Rakesh

+91 81285 68970


Poster Presentation


1. A Team should contain of maximum 2 Members.

2. The Size of the Poster Should Be 3 ft x 2 ft.

3. Printed Poster Should Print on Flex Banner Only.

4. It should be Readable Clearly.

5. Presentation Time is 10 Min to 15 Min Including Question-Answer Rounds.

6. 3D Work in Poster is Restricted. Use of Electronic Gadgets strictly prohibited.

7. The Decision of Judges will be final.

8. All the participants are requested to bring 1 hard copies of their abstract when they come to the venue.

Faculty Coordinator

Mr. N. Y. Kansara

+91 94275 27398

Student Coordinators

Ankita Tank

+91 94285 65275

Chandera Dayna

+91 91571 72817


Virtual Placement


Virtual placement is an event where students are put through identical levels of stress and refinement of technical knowledge and personality as they will at the time of actual placements. It is a chance to find the missing piece in your resume or personality which will land you your dream job.


All the participants have to submit resume with curriculum activities on or before 13/09/2018. Submit resume on email address hrr.fetr@gmail.com or bgpatel.fetr@gmail.com for online entry. For offline entry submit resume to our student coordinator Nirmal Patel (COMP 15) or Saurabh Jha (COMP 16).

Round 1: Aptitude Test

1. Test consists of 30 multiple choice questions each carrying 1 mark.

2. NEGATIVE marking is not included.

Round 2: Group Discussion

1. A topic will be given to a group on the spot.

2. A list of topics will be placed in a box and a volunteer from each group will pick up one topic and will read out to the group.

3. One minute will be given to the group to think over and note down the points.

4. A group may consist of 5-7 members and the entire discussion may last for 10-12 minutes, depending on the time availability and the decision of the selection committee.

5. Everyone will get chance for contribution and no one is expected to dominate and prevent others from expressing ideas.

6. The selection committee will be observing the group discussion and evaluate each group member on parameters such as communication skills, familiarity with the topic, general behaviour, inter-personal skills and leadership skills.

7. Your adherence to time limit will be appreciated.

8. The Selection Committee members will not interfere or make any comments.

Round 3: Personal Interview

Personal Interview includes technical and HR interview Questions.

Faculty Coordinators

Ms. H. R. Rana

+91 84600 00141

Miss B. G. Patel

+91 88660 43170

Student Coordinators

Nirmal Patel

+91 88664 51316

Saurabh Jha

+91 81550 30189


Web Design


Participants have to design an attractive Web Page based on the given the using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.


1. Maximum 2 members per team.

2. Event will be carried out into two rounds.

3. Students have to design a web-site on anyone of the specified topics and submit it in the given time period.

4. Use of USB drive and Internet is strictly prohibited.

Round I:

1. Time Limit: 45 minutes

2. In this round there 5 different types of questions will be given to the participants and they need to complete the task.

Round II:

1. Time Limit: 75 minutes

2. In this 2nd round participants need to design website/webpages based on topic provided by the coordinators using permitted development tools.

Faculty Coordinator

Mr. Ankit D. Prajapati

+91 99136 91117

Student Coordinators

Ritva Vaghasiya

+91 70482 96353

Harsh Dalal

+91 84601 21097


Quiz with Snakes and Ladders

Team Size: 3


1. Each Team has exact 3 Players.

2. Snakes and ladders game in which two teams will compete in a round. Multiple rounds will be played.

3. There will be a time limit for each round which will be disclosed on the day of the event.

4. The participating teams must reach the end point before the end of the time limit, if neither team makes it to the end point in the given span of time; relative position of the teams will decide the winner.

5. Only two fix member of team can give answer of the questions. If the answer is right then and then another member take it in turns to roll the dice. Move your counter forward the number of spaces shown on the dice.

6. If a player is at the foot of the ladders, he will be given a technical question related to his/her field. If he answers, he moves up the ladders else he stays there.

7. Similarly, if he reaches the mouth of a snake, he faces another technical question which on answering correctly will prevent him from sliding down the snakes.

8. The winner is the first to reach the end.

Note: All rounds are subject to number of entries in the event at the institute and they may conduct as general or Technical Quiz/ any other analysis process.

Faculty Coordinator

Ms. N. D. Panchal

+91 99984 38322

Student Coordinators

Bhavesh Mistry

+91 89806 97555

Javiya Radhika

+91 90998 72829

Darji Karan

+91 96387 77683